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Tortuguero - Costa Rica

Turtle Nesting Tour
Experience the Majestic Sea Turtle Nesting Tour in Tortuguero, Costa Rica

available from July 01st to October 31st

Explore the enchanting realm of Tortuguero, Costa Rica, where the ancient ritual of sea turtle nesting unfolds. Amidst the lush greenery and pristine beaches, witness the mesmerizing spectacle as mother turtles gracefully return to their birthplace to lay their precious eggs. Led by knowledgeable guides, venture into the serene darkness of the night, guided only by the gentle moonlight, to witness these gentle giants as they delicately bury their eggs in the soft sand. Feel the sense of awe and wonder as you observe this timeless cycle of life and nature's resilience. Immerse yourself in the magic of Tortuguero's sea turtle nesting tour, an unforgettable experience that connects you deeply to the rhythms of the natural world.

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Adults: USD$50.00

Children between 5 and 10 years old: USD$35.00

Children under 5: Not allowed

Tour duration: Approximately 2 hours

Minimum number of participants required: 1

Recommended age: Over 5 years old

Entrance ticket payment required: Public Beach NO | National Park Beach YES

Is this a private tour? NOT (no private tours available)


Mandatory attire

Long dark trousers

Dark colored shirt

Mountain or tennis shoes (sandals not recommended)


Other recommendations

Water bottle

Mosquito repellent


It includes

Contribution to the turtle ranger program (USD$6.00)

Roundtrip water transportation

Use of ponchos if needed

Certified and bilingual English-Spanish guide


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