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Tortuguero - Costa Rica


Visiting Tortuguero Tips

You should first know that there is no car access to Tortuguero and that all transportation within the area is by water.

Tortuguero behaves like an island, it is a completely new experience for most of our visitors.



In Costa Rica we only have two seasons, Dry and Rainy.

In Tortuguero the green or rainy season is from November to January and from April to August and the dry season or “not that rainy season” is February and March and then September and October.


The climate in Tortuguero is temperate, humid and rainy throughout the year due to its location in the North Caribbean of Costa Rica.



We recommend that you bring only what is necessary in your luggage, for example:

Quick-drying clothing, walking shoes but also sandals, shorts, t-shirts, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent.

Other tools such as flashlights, pocketknives, waterproof phone bags or cases, raincoats, and small umbrellas are good options.



The Colón (¢) is our local currency but we also accept dollars.

In several places you can pay by credit and debit card (brands like VISA, MasterCard and Amex are common in CR).


1 dollar = 645 colones


Check the updated change here:



Tickets to Tortuguero National Park and Tortuguero Hill (Cerro Tortuguero) must be purchased in advance at the following link:

You must create an account and then purchase the ticket with a valid credit/debit card.


Activities in Tortuguero National Park:

Canal tours

Walking tours

Turtle Nesting Tours

Visit to Tortuguero Hill



You will find many options to eat in the town, from fast food such as hamburgers, nachos, fries to typical dishes with white rice, beans, meats (red and white), seafood and the famous Afro-Caribbean cuisine based on coconut and chili as main ingredients. .



A place to visit, where the small town and the jungle merge, a path crosses the town from side to side, where you will find supermarkets, cafes, fast food places, souvenir places, friendly people of island culture walking barefoot, ice cones and coconut water in every corner.



You will find Wi-Fi service in hotels but not in public places, if you are thinking of buying a prepaid SIM card the only option is ICE Kolbi or Claro (they are the only companies with network coverage in the Tortuguero area.


Tortuguero Village


Los Pajaros dock

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