La Baula Lodge

La Baula Lodge is a rustic lodge builded in the early 80's and located in Tortuguero, Costa Rica.

The lodge is surrounded of lush gardens filled with wildlife and located right in front of Tortuguero Lagoon. 
From the balcony of your room you can admire howler monkeys, spider monkeys, sloth and birds as the toucans, manakins and trogons and a wide variety of flowers and plants.

Tortuguero Town

Tortuguero is a very secluded place. The closest city is Cariari which is located at 1 and a half hours on a boat trip plus 1 hour driving. However, you can find basic stuff at the small supermarkets, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars .
There is also a police office and even an small airport that can receive small planes.
There is an ATM machine.

Due to the remoteness and difficult access to the area, all the lodges are pretty basic. There are not services as air conditioning or fancy stuff in the rooms, but we supplement with smiles, delicious meals and excellent service the lack of luxury, regularly found in hotels with easiest access.

Consider Tortuguero as one of your destinations on your next visit to Costa Rica... you will not regret.

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