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Tortuguero - Costa Rica


Sustainability Policy of La Baula Lodge in Tortuguero

At La Baula Lodge in Tortuguero, we are committed to operating sustainably, conserving and protecting the natural and cultural environment in which we operate. We recognize our responsibility towards the environment, local communities, and future generations. Therefore, we pledge to adhere to sustainability principles in all our operations. Our sustainability policy is based on the following pillars:

1. Environmental Conservation:

- We commit to reducing our environmental impact by conserving natural resources such as water and energy, and minimizing waste and emissions.

- We will implement waste management practices, recycling, and composting to reduce our carbon footprint and promote the conservation of local biodiversity.

- We will promote the protection of local ecosystems, including mangroves, tropical forests, and aquatic habitats, through participation in restoration and conservation programs.

2. Social Responsibility:

- We commit to promoting the well-being of local communities, respecting their cultures, traditions, and human rights.

- We will prioritize the hiring of local staff and support the professional and educational development of our community through training and employment programs.

- We will promote fair trade and support local suppliers, advocating for the purchase of sustainably and ethically sourced products and services.

3. Environmental Education:

- We commit to raising awareness and educating our employees, guests, and the community about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.

- We will offer educational programs and experiential activities that promote appreciation and understanding of nature and local culture.

- We will collaborate with educational institutions and environmental organizations to support research and environmental education in the region.

4. Innovation and Continuous Improvement:

- We commit to constantly seeking new ways to improve our operation and reduce our environmental impact.

- We will invest in sustainable technologies and advanced environmental management practices to maximize our efficiency and minimize our ecological footprint.

- We will foster a culture of innovation and participation, where all team members contribute ideas and solutions for sustainability.

5. Collaboration and Transparency:

- We commit to collaborating with other organizations, local authorities, and stakeholders to address environmental and social challenges collectively.

- We will maintain open and transparent communication with our guests, employees, and the community at large about our actions and achievements in sustainability.

- We will be open to receiving feedback and suggestions to improve our sustainability practices and performance.

At La Baula Lodge in Tortuguero, we are dedicated to operating responsibly and sustainably, promoting environmental conservation, community development, and environmental education. By adhering to this sustainability policy, we aspire to be leaders in sustainable tourism and leave a positive legacy for future generations.



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